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Working for the biggest Healthcare Company in the world  – for two decades, allowed me to grow professionally, learn from my mistakes, and be authentic to myself and the Company, by being passionate about what I believed and living my Values. In other words, a sense of purpose was found. As a young, then old, healthcare CEO, I knew that my employees understood what they do, and how they will do it, but it was up to me to share a strong sense of why, they are doing it and where we are heading as an organization. My ‘Take Away’ from these experiences was to convey to the employees their Purpose and faith in how their role(s) contributes to the whole.

Do you see the Common Denominator? It is always for humble and courageous leaders to cast a clear vision, surround themselves with capable people, and create that environment that fosters growth and positive energy.

I hold a Doctorate in Health Services Leadership and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I also have a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. I earned a Certificate in Human Performance Development (Human Performance Institute).

In my Professional Coaching Services, the ultimate goal is to help current and future leaders develop and empower them to create positive change within lives and organization.

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Whether online or in-person, the procedures and process of the executive coaching services remain extremely professional.


Over 30 years of experience ensures capabilities to instantly identify and tackle all organizational and team-based errors or issues.


The executive coaching sessions enforce and focus on livelihood, motivation, Positive Thinking & of course practical progress.


Sessions with Dr. Wallace promises a legitimate and positive character transformation in the executive’s personality.


Advanced sessions with Dr. Wallace facilitate whole brain-function optimization for corporate leaders that covers physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual energies.


Dr. Wallace believes in analyzing and conveying honest feedbacks, to achieve improvement and enhancement in your business.


The extremely expert and effective advice and strategies offered by Dr. Wallace are remarkably unmatched.


The quality of our coaching sessions has been perfected and has proven itself by satisfying numerous clients over the years.