Some noted advantages of our Online Career Coaching & Online Business consultancy services:


  • Extremely efficient. There is no need to block out extra time for travel.
  • The overall technology of today’s video conferencing platforms is very mature, works very reliable, and is easy to use. Typically, no complex installation is ever needed, and it works right from your browser or Smartphone. We usually just send a link with a meeting invite. All you have to do is click on that link for the video meeting to begin.
  • Physical distance does not matter. You can sit in your office in Tulsa, or even at a Coffee Shop downtown Atlanta, while Rick Wallace is in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. As long as we find a suitable time slot that bridges our time zone differences, we’re good to go.

Whatever your preference, we can make the Coaching experience seamless and effective, be it face-to-face in an Office or face-to-face Online. The outcome remains the same.

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Our online coaching services allows us to conveniently connect online over popular and reliable video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meetings, Face Time, or Skype.